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There are those that say to truly doodle a mountain you need a piece of paper the size of the earth and ink made of time and stone, but this is a nice second choice. We will help you with some pragmatic and thoughtful tips on how to doodle mountains.

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What are the parts of a mountain?

Mountains can be found in all parts of the world, on land and under water, and even on moons and other planets. Is there anything more common across the universe, except maybe the silent void? But for something so common and well-known, many folks aren’t sure how to doodle mountains. To get started, let’s think about what makes a mountain a mountain.

A Big Wide Base

You won’t find a mountain that stands on a narrow little rock; no–they have the broadest foundations possible.

A Peak

Look closely at some naturally occurring mountains and you’ll see they don’t always come to a nice, tidy point at the top. Sometimes they are kind of rounded, sometimes there’s a heap of rocks up there, sometimes they even have like two or three points. But if we’re talking about how to doodle mountains, then we are definitely talking points.

Snow (Optional)

The tallest mountains out in the world often have cute little snow-covered slopes, so if you’re wanting to doodle mountains you may want to consider adding a snow line.

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Step-by-step instructions on how to doodle mountains

  1. Start at the base
  2. Draw up to the peak
  3. Draw more peaks to make a range of mountains
  4. Draw down to the base at the other side
  5. Add snow lines (optional)

That’s it! Take a moment to admire your majestic doodle.

How to doodle other things

Wandering Albatross Press provides many resources for doodling and drawing, including our free printable activity sheets, and our definitive book with theory and guidance on How to Doodle.

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We’re not sure!

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